Learn English

One of  my reasons to start blogging is to learn English ! I made this page for one reason, share my experience on learning english with you. Whitin this page, I will write and update posts, about how to learn english. Before starting this, many of you asked me, what’s the secrets of being a good english speaker ! and my answer is wide simple, three word, just three words : Desire, Reading and Practice.

Listening is the fisrt step on learning

The more you listen to English the better.

At a minimum spend 1 hour per day listening to English preferably just before going to bed & just as you wake up.

Daily Practice

To be honest, I use to speak english with myself, my friends, my books. pretending that I’m a great leader talking to my followers XD yeah I know that I’m crazy, but each one has his own way to learn ! listen to music, watch movies without subtitles and make sure that you read my blog everyday XD just kidding, but read my blog anyway.

Let’s start !