What is Love ?

You’re in love when losing everything you built in life is incomparable to losing that one person to who you’ve feelings, sleeping at night becomes a way to see your lover once again and dreaming become a way to stay together even when you’re asleep, you love someone when , you keep thinking abt everything that upset him and decide to destroy it like it never existed , loving someone isn’t about hanging out , travelling or having fun . it’s about being patient and being able to wait for him no matter how far he is or how long it’s going to take ,you love someone when he’s the first one u think about when you see a kissing scene or a sex scene or even a hugging scene ,you love someone when you’re proud and ready to announce your love to the whole world ,you love someone when just a touch of your hands can change your whole mood ,loving isn’t just a feeling , love isn’t just a word , it’s much more , it’s actions .

Everyone can love but few people could react and prove their love . I always wanted someone who can love me the way I’m but I’ve never tough i could love someone and try to change and become a better version of me . i always wanted someone who do sacrifices for me but i never thought abt doing sacrifices for someone .

love isn’t just about asking for things and not being able to change things in you . i never thought i could try my best to change the bad things in me for someone , i always thought that when someone loves you , he should accept you the way you are , but the truth has nothing to do with that . that person may support your bad temper bad reactions and all the bad thing that you do even if it hurts him because he loves you , but why wouldn’t i that for him ? why wouldn’t i care enough about what upset him ? why wouldn’t i change that for him ? how could i let the person who cares for me the most suffers because of me ? is that love ? Of course not. when u fall in love , fall deeply , enjoy the feeling , do your best , keep your hopes high , live each day like the going to be the last , admit your feelings , get over all the bullshit , all the lies , be honest about your feeling , make him feel your love , make him know how much you care and how much you want him . we’re humans we want to be appreciated and loved .

18222672_296972284059676_1950046743805615357_n Jawaher Qarafi, Moroccan Engineering Student, passionate about Photograpy and reading. Jawaher is An actif membre of the Moroccan Zero hunger community.


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