A night with homeless people

Trip is a way of life. In these lines, I’m going to talk about my story with homeless people.

On my last trip in Morocco, I challenge myself to pass a night with homeless people.  A trip of one month, from the Capital, Rabat to south of the country. More than 2000Km of adventures and free life. Just alone, taking roads before meeting backpackers from all over the World.

I passed a night with homeless people in a garden, and what I felt about that, is very touching, simple people open their hearts to me, told me their stories, they were Normal, but in a moment everything have changed. I couldn’t stop thinking about them. They don’t have anything to eat, or where to sleep, they have nothing. So I have to do something for them, I can’t stay and just see, I have to move to change their lives.

Everyone deserves a good life.

Traveling can change the way we see the world. That’s what I experienced from this trip. My 11 night was in Azrou, a small Moroccan beautiful city full of homeless people just like a hundred of cities in the world. Billion of people don’t have the access to clean food and water. I heard three stories, just three stories of three people, Latifa, Mohammed and Abdallah. Three touching stories, which change my way of thinking. #Vagrancy_isn’t_Normal, When each one of us look at a person looking for something to eat in the garbage, don’t act, because we consider vagrancy something normal. My idea is very simple, I will start a project #zero_hunger , in a form of an association, to take extra food from restaurants, then organize this food and sharing it – daily & for free – with everyone who doesn’t have what to eat.

The idea is simple, but the impact is very huge on homeless people. I experienced with them, what is being hungry and sleeping on the street. WE SHOULD ACT.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I lunch a great initiative to feed homeless people, #zero_hunger is a simple action to guarantee a clean and free sustainable food to those people. My name is Rachid,  and gladly I’m the founder of Zero Hunger Association, which need your support.




Life is a journey, choose your path wisely.

I’m homeless

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