Life is short, break the rules

Hi lovely readers, 

This is my short story as a young person who break the rules. They teach us to get a job, and stay safe. And this is not a life.

Life is short, Break the Rules. Forgive quickly, Kiss SLOWLY. Love truly. Laugh uncontrollably. And never regret ANYTHING. That makes you smile.

I decide to go on a trip, not for enjoying holidays or having fun, but for organizing my self. I really feel lost. And there is nothing will bring back my smile more than a trip.

My name is Rachid, I was an electrical engineering student, but now, I’m and I have nothing. All  what I want is, to run away from humans. I am not sociable, and I hate being a copy.

It’s a very dangerous decision that I’m making today, I decide to quit my engineering studies, YEAH ! I know it’s very hard to study all these years, just two years left to get the diploma, but at this moment, I DECIDE, to start pursuing my dreams.

This post will be very historical for me, because, It contents a changing life decision, from an engineer career, to unknown one. But I believe in one truth : following my heart, will lead me to where I should to be.

16229111_245297799244979_8493208887657234432_nRachid BEGGAR

A Moroccan 22 years old traveler & Writer

Not anymore an electrical engineering student.


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