The new 2600km Challenge | The path, The date & the materiel !

Welcome everyone to another post in my blog.  Today I’m going to write about my next trip, I name it, the trip of knowlege. Because simply I really believe that traveling is way of life.

I decide during this trip, to not post anything on my facebook profile about the trip, But I will use this blog to write about it. So No more facebook posts, if you want to follow my adventures, you have to take a look at this blog every single day, and enjoy the crazy path that I will start very soon.

If you want to follow my adventures, you might to take a look at this blog everyday.

The path of My next trip

The trip will be in two parts

Part 1 :

In the part one, I’m preparing to visit, Oulmès, Lac Afrouni .. Merzouga, Mhamid elghizlane will be tha last station of the first part. It will cover more than 1000 km, and it will dure more than two weeks.


Part 2 :

The second part will be from Mhamid Elghizlane to the the south of Morocco, Laâyoune. it will cover more than 1300 km, and will dure more than three weeks.



Well, see you in next post, and feel free to ask and comment about this trip !

N.B : No more facebook posts.

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