This is the most amazing Comment, I got !

Dear friend,
I get your idea about engineering schools ( and btw ur word exists xD) but I do really think that the way the engineering system works is nearly 11012573_823603414360983_2995510302747629145_nuniversal. Almost the majority of educative systems in the world work by teaching students to follow teachers orders and respect rules blindly. and this is happening in many life fields not just in schools. WHy is it like this ?? Because people hate change, they don’t wanna move from their comfort zone they just want to keep do the same thing day after day and enjoy their weekends and holidays without having to think about any probem caused by a creative mind that they consider a rebel, an outlaw who is trying to defy their rules. So they think that he’s an idiot trying to make noise, another loser trying to catch attention and pretend he’s genius : that’s what they think not me ;).
Did u try to argue with your parent when you were a child ? did u try to correcta teacher’s mistake? See !!! the result is the same. Even if you quit this engineering school, you will find the same problem wherever you go- unless you quit this happy land without return-.
That’s my point of view about it , m not pessimistic( u know this very well), and m not happy here too as u know but the whole world is going forward like this . Perhaps this idiot philosophy could change at some point. Let’s hope that.


Electrical engineering student


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