It isn’t just a trip, It’s a lesson

What if I decide to be free ? free from all kind of responsibilities, free from all kind of ideas, FREE ! to live just like I want ! what if I decide to be myself and not a robot  !?

To live our freedom and dream isn’t simple, life is full of pain. PAIN  every where ! but :

There is no GAIN without PAIN !

In this articles I am gonna talk about my last trip. a trip of 1500 km In Morocco. This amazing country by its citizen, by its natures and mountains and by its security. My country is AWESOME  !

A real challenge : 30 km by foot !

You will read below :

  • Before preparing bags
  • Take the bus and leave
  • The first night in a coffee-shop
  • A cold weather but a strong desire !
  • What I learned from Zouhair
  • 5 am, take the road
  • The funniest thing about Elksar ELKBIR
  • What a wonderful fish meal in Elraich !
  • Looking for transport
  • My first time in Tanja
  • The road to Heraclus grotte
  • Belyounich, An amazing place to visit !
  • Someone steal my chocolate
  • A blue city : Chefchaouen
  • Frenadando and Silvia
  • Fes
  • A hot swimming pool
  • The road to the snow
  • Omega !
  • 3 days with Abahcine in Khenifra
  • My Mom called me !
  • Beni Mellal MUN
  • Finally home !
  • Lessons I learned
Ifrane, the amazing city of Morocco

It’s an amazing trip, I will try to post each day a chapter of my diary, in order to discover the beauty of freedom. if you find this important thank you for sharing it with your friends; may be one of them will be inspired, so he will prepare his bags and take the road !

Feel free to ask me on facebook or let here a comment and I will contact you !


With love !


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